Harminized System Codes HS Codes

HS Codes List

Section 1Animal & Animal ProductsChapters 1-5Live animals, Meat, Fish, Diary Products
Section 2Vegetable ProductsChapters 6-14Trees, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Coffee & Tea
Section 3Animal or Vegetable Fats and OilsChapter 15Fats and oils of animals & vegetables
Section 4Prepared FoodstuffsChapters 16-24Prepared Meat, Sugar, Vegetables & Beverages
Section 5Mineral ProductsChapter 25-27Salt, Sulfur, Stone, Granite, Ores & Mineral Fuel
Section 6Chemicals & Allied IndustriesChapters 28-38Organic Chemicals, Fertilizers, Soap, Cosmetics
Section 7Plastics / RubbersChapters 39-40Acrylic polymers, Petroleum resins & Tubes
Section 8Raw Hides, Skins, Leather, & FursChapters 41-43Raw Hides, Articles of leather & Furskins
Section 9Wood & Wood ProductsChapters 44-46Wood, Articles, Cork and Articles of Cork
Section 10Pulp of Wood or of Other Fibrous MaterialChapters 47-49Wood pulp, mechanical & Chemical wood pulp
Section 11TextilesChapters 50-63Silk, Wool, Yarn, Cotton & Veg Textile Fibers
Section 12Footwear / HeadgearChapters 64-67Footwear, Gaiters, Headgear & Parts
Section 13Stone / GlassChapters 68-70Stone, Plaster, Cement, Asbestos & Ceramics
Section 14Natural or Cultured PearlsChapter 71Natural, Cultured Pearls & Precious Stones
Section 15Base MetalsChapters 72-83Iron, Steel Articles, Copper, Nickel & Aluminium
Section 16Machinery / ElectricalChapters 84-85Nuclear reactors, Boilers, Generators & Machinery
Section 17TransportationChapters 86-89Rail locomotives, Vehicles, Motor cars & Aircraft
Section 18Precision InstrumentsChapters 90-92Optical fibres, Cameras, Medical Instruments
Section 19Arms and AmmunitionChapter 93Military weapons, Firearms, Bombs & grenades
Section 20Miscellaneous Manufactured ArticlesChapters 94-96Seats, Furniture, Toys, Lamps, Pens & Monopods
Section 21Works of ArtChapter 97Paintings, drawings, Stamps & Antiques