Industrial carbon black grades

The American Society for Testing and Materials has classified these ASTM designation based on their manufacturing process, particle size, surface area, aggregate structure, abrasion resistance, and extrusion.

ASTM designationParticlesize (nm)Surfacearea (m2/g)Applications
N11015-18124-130High reinforcement. Used in tire products with high abrasion resistance.
N13420-25145High reinforcement. Premium tread for passenger, bus, and truck tires.
N22020-25112-115High reinforcement, tear strength, abrasion resistance. Tread for trucks and passenger tires.
N23424-33125High reinforcement. Has many applications, like tread for trucks.
N33028-3676-80Medium-high reinforcement, good flex and wear properties. Tread, carcass, and sidewall compounds for bicycle, passenger, and truck tires and rubber goods.
N33928-3695Medium-high reinforcement. Passenger tire treads, body compounds for tires, conveyor belts, and motor mounts.
N55039-5539-41Medium-high reinforcement and smooth extrusion. Used in inner liners, carcass, and sidewalls for passenger tires, rubber goods, hose, and extruded products.
N66056-7034-36Medium reinforcement, good flex, and fatigue resistance. Used in inner liners, sidewalls, sealing rings, cable jackets for tires, and rubber molding and extruded goods.
N77071-9631-32Semi-reinforcing. Inner liners for tires and rubber goods.
N880180-20017-20Low reinforcement. Used for non-tire rubber and plastic products.
N990250-3507-9Low reinforcement, hardness, and tensile strength; high loading capacity and elongation. Used for tire inner liners and rubber and plastic products, like wire insulation, footwear, belts, hose, etc.

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Carbon black is available in the following grades: N110, N134, N220, N234, N330, N339, N375, N550, N660, N770, N880, N990.

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